ERos 4G-IOT communicator phone

Some specs for Orange pi 4G-IOT and MT6737.

There are lot of common specs in net. I collect some specs found from my board.

Web says that device have small 1GB RAM but officially installed android 6 version show 2GB
There should be octa core prosessor but cpuinfo show only one present
However cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu3/online =0 so its octa core but shutdown three cpu's.

Kernel version (android 6)
Boot data
4G-IOT sources compilation
4G-IOT sources compilation result dir tree

Device don't have fastboot, atleast adb reboot fastboot dosn't work. (Sources are posibly fastboot cabable)
Anyway adb reboot recovery works but there are no volume buttons to select menuitem: updates from sdcard.