ERos 4G-IOT communicator phone

Some mt7637 and Orange pi 4G-IOT board stuff. Please check first link sections to download. My broadband is very limited

MT7637 datasheet

Warning: LK to unlock fastboot Warning this dosn't support LCD and dosnt boot further.
This is workaround due missing Volume UP button in android 6 OrangePI 4G-IOT board. It may work in other MTK phones/tablets too but don't know.
You need SP-flash and _correct_ android scatter file. Take backup to pc first from mmcblk0p5 to use restore orginal LK after operation. Gunzip, adb push to /data, then dd it to mmcblk0p5 (check that your board LK is p5 first!), adb reboot-bootloader, flashboot oem unlock, then SP-flash _only_ orginal LK back. Now you have functional fastboot mode. Security bits are stored somewhere else than LK.

LCD jd9522 patch